August 17, 2014

She's baaaaaack!

Hermana Isaak returned home. Now that the 18 months is over, it really does seem to have gone by quickly.

All the grandparents and the Burtons joined us to meet Chloe at the airport. There were at least 30 missionaries returning at the same time, so the place was packed with families staking out their spots. It was funny to see the looks on peoples faces coming down the escalator who obviously were not LDS and had never been to Salt Lake before.

After a wait which almost seemed as long as her mission, we finally spotted Chloe.

The first hug was obviously saved for Mom.

After all the hugging was complete, everyone wanted to know about THE Book of Mormon. It was one of our favorite stories from Hermana Isaak's mission. You can read it here. She just happened to have famous book handy in her bag and pulled it out to show everyone.

I got a photo of Chloe with Hermana Child, a favorite companion.

Here she is with the grandparents.

And with the Burtons.

Look who's now the shortest.

Audrey can't wait to show Chloe Frozen. We're happy to let Audrey do that, and we would prefer it be over at the Burton's house. (Yes, the boys and I are so over that movie.)

I don't think Nathan really remembered Chloe. He got to get reacquainted with the cousin who has been part of his daily prayers for the past year and a half.

Yep, we haven't changed.

DeAntra, the first person Chloe taught to join the Church, showed up to greet Chloe. She brought a GIANT polkadot balloon, which unfortunately couldn't fit into the car on the ride home.

Here's the entire happy gang glad to have our Schmoe back.

We almost made it out of the airport without getting a photo of our family with Chloe.

We are so proud of the mission Chloe served. She definitely gave it her all. She had a great impact on the lives of so many in Alabama, and she was an invaluable tool in the Lord's hands. Hermana Isaak was a wonderful example to us and we were definitely blessed for her service.

Here are a couple of videos of Chloe's arrival. It was intended to be just one continuous video, but I received a call on my cell while recording that turned it off. We got Chloe giving everyone hugs but me. Oh well. I don't really like being videoed anyway. I also think I sound really lame telling everyone to back off so Katie could get the first hug (Katie certainly deserved it, but who in the world was that lady in black that jumped out and immediately hugged Chloe?).

Sorry, it was shot vertical; we were in a rush.

August 03, 2014

Stake Youth Conference 2014

A little over a year ago, I was made secretary in the Young Men Presidency. I was a bit surprised by the calling since I had little to no experience with the Young Men program and Scouts. However, I soon figured out I could contribute by offering my event planning experience and organizational skills. We spent considerable time this year planning the Stake Youth Conference at the Heber Valley Camp. The theme was "Helping Others Come Unto Christ" focussing on missionary work. The conference turned out really well, and I had a great time being with the youth and other leaders.

During the weekend, I spent a lot of time taking photos of everyone else. However, I had someone take a picture of me doing the giant bungee swing, so I proof I was actually there. A ton of fun, but boy, do I look silly.

There was a mama deer and her two does wandering around the camp. They obviously knew no one was going to harm them because they had no fear of us. This doe posed for me.