June 16, 2014

He Works Hard for the Money

Liam got his first job. He's working at Wendy's. We decided to join Grandma and Grandpa and drop in on him for lunch. I don't think Liam was too happy we showed up, but he did treat his customers well.

So far, he's only worked the cash register.

We all had a good time.

Liam also wasn't pleased I was taking pictures with my phone. (I really did try to be discreet.) However, this is one picture I did have to capture for posterity. Look, he can clean!

Since our lunch, Liam has picked up another job. He is working at a movie theater. He's going to be raking in the dough. I wonder, though, how long he'll be able to keep up with two jobs.

June 15, 2014

Liam Acting Up

This year, Liam performed with Acting Up, the SCERA Youth Theatre's high school musical theatre team. This has been a great experience for him. Liam was able to go on tour with the group and compete in California. Additionally, the group performed a version of Disney's Cinderella for young audiences and a spiritual fireside all over Utah County. In the spring, they staged the musical, Honk! This musical is the story of the Ugly Duckling. Liam played a chicken and a goose. Although I think Honk! is kind of a lame show, Acting Up did a great job with it, and it was fun to watch.

Here Liam is in his goose costume with his friend, Dre, who played the evil cat.

And here he is with Brooke, the quail, and Sam, some barnyard bird.

Unlike the productions we used to go to at Mountain View for Chloe, they don't allow any recording. However, Acting Up performed several numbers at Orem's Summerfest. They don't have any costumes or sets and the recording isn't the best, but you can see Liam singing and dancing.

The first number was the song the geese sang in the show. It didn't make much sense out of context, but it was one of my favorite numbers of the show. Next comes Old Time Rock 'n Roll, an additional number they performed where Liam had a solo and he shows off some of his smooth moves.

June 01, 2014

School Photos 2013

So, yeah....I have continued to neglect this blog.

The school year is over.

I thought I'd finally post the school photos for the boys. Instead of buying the overpriced school photo packages, I took their photos.