February 01, 2014

Ice Castles in Midway

The Mc family gave us passes for Christmas to the Ice Castles in Midway. We heard from other people that it's best to go a little later in the season once the ice formations are big enough. However, it looked like we were going to have a warming trend for the next little while, so we decided we had better get up there. We had Jeffrey with us for the day, so that was an added bonus for Tomas.

The formations are really cool looking.

I added color to this photo because it was kind of boring looking with all the white.

All around, they have sprinklers on that build the formations.

In this photo, you can see two other people other than Liam, Tomas and Jeffrey. However, we were actually there with thousands. Recommendation: avoid this on Saturdays!

Liam: "Seriously, Dad? Enough with the pictures."

Our passes were good for the entire day. After dinner at Dairy Keen, we went back when it was dark to see the ice castles in lit up. As we approached, we saw the line four people wide go fully around the block. Um...no thank you. So, we drove home (with that Frozen song stuck in our heads.)