January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Walk of Life

It was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. BYU has a candlelight processional from the Carillon Bell Tower to the Wilkinson Student Center. Since Chloe was serving a mission in Alabama, I thought this was definitely the year to take part.

It was bitterly cold, and Tomas was the only one willing to join me (and I'm guessing that's because his friend, Sebi, was going to be there).

Overall, the event was a little bit unorganized and underwhelming. But, I did get a chance to talk with Tomas about the life and teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as major civil rights events that happened where Chloe is serving.

And, we got to spend time with good friends.

January 01, 2014

Wild Horses and Burros

During our visit to Ridgecrest over the holidays, Grandma, Aunt Bita, Tomas and I went out to feed the wild horses and burros at the BLM's corrals. The BLM maintains the wild horse and burro herds in the area and periodically performs roundups when the herds get too big. The animals are then checked over and prepared for sale. Grandma bought a ginormous bag of carrots for the occasion.

Unfortunately, a sign was posted saying that due to some of the animals getting sick no feeding was currently allowed.


And a bigger bummer for Grandma, who was stuck with a 20 lb. bag of carrots. We all know how much she hates loves carrots.

These horses, however, hadn't gotten the message and came charging over to us hoping for a treat.

No carrots for you!
 This horse was very interested in my camera.

This does not smell like a carrot!
 We had a good time petting the horses though.

This horse really wanted Tomas to take him home
But, if I can't have a puppy, there's no way he's getting a horse.
I loved the burros. They were very cute. I might take one of them over a dog, but I think it's probably against the HOA rules.

We stayed until dusk. As we were driving away, I looked over and saw this.

I was very happy the photo turned out as well as it looked in real life. This doesn't always happen, even if you do have a nice camera.