November 18, 2013

Liam the Master Thespian

This year, Liam was bitten by the acting bug.

He tried out and made the SCERA Center for the Arts' musical theater group, Acting Up. This requires a lot of time, practice, and money, but it's been a great experience for Liam so far. In addition to performing a main stage musical each year, the group also does monthly firesides and outreach shows, and they will go on tour and compete in California in February.

At school, Liam has been taking a theater tech class, and he auditioned for the school's musical. This year, they performed Seussical the Musical, a conglomeration of different Seuss stories. Liam got the part of Yertle the Turtle, as well as playing a bunch of chorus roles. I've only seen this musical once, and it was done at a junior high. It was honestly a painful experience. Hence, I wasn't super excited to see this production. However, Provo High did a great job. It's basically nonstop singing and dancing, and Provo has some very talented kids. I really enjoyed the show.

I wasn't familiar with Liam's role of Yertle, but he did a great job. He had a few solo parts, and he gave it 100%. All in all, I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. Liam gets two thumbs way up!

I wasn't sure if any kind of photography was allowed. When Chloe went to Mountain View, there were people everywhere in the audience photographing and filming at every one of her performances. At Provo, however, I didn't see any cameras, so I took a few shots with my cell phone hidden in my jacket. Here what I got.

Liam is up on his big rock singing his solo. 
For a turtle, he's got some pretty smooth moves.
 And here are a couple of shots after the show.

Liam with his good friend, Sam. I can't remember the name of Sam's character, but just before the show's opening, Sam broke his arm. He made it work rather well with his character.

A side view of the Yertle costume. And, a great photobomb.