October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Here's the roundup for Halloween 2013.

To begin things, Katie and I got to chaperone the stake youth dance. Because Chloe used to go to all the dances, we were strictly forbidden from ever chaperoning a youth dance. Now that she's on a mission and Liam refuses to go to a dance, we snatched the opportunity. Consider it our date night...Yeah, it's that bad. We went with our tried-and-true costumes, the wizard and the Punjabi outfit. 

Amazingly, we got our pumpkins done early this year. The norm is madly trying to finish them up while trick-or-treaters are banging on the door. Tomas carved his pumpkin completely by himself. He even helped out his big brother, who has a thing against pumpkin guts.

Katie's pumpkin is on the left and Tomas's is on the right.

This is Liam's idea of a true nightmare.

I carved two pumpkins, both in honor of Chloe serving a mission in Alabama. I copied a photo of Chloe onto a transparency sheet and put it into a frame. I think it turned out really cool. The other one says, "B'Ham," which is a nickname for Birmingham. I was surprised by how many people thought it said Obama.
Even though our pumpkins were done early, Katie followed tradition and pulled an all-nighter finishing up costumes. Tomas wanted to dress up as John Lennon during his hippie phase. Finding a wig and round glasses was easy, but an inexpensive white suit was nowhere to be found. Katie ended up making one from scratch.

Liam as John Lennon and Jeffrey has "Guerrilla Warfare" —a monkey suit with camouflage makeup.     
Liam and a group of his friends decided to go as the Aquabats, a oddball rock group that has a strange TV show (kind of a mixture of The Monkees, The Power Ranger, and Pee Wee's Playhouse). Katie somehow got roped into making ALL the costumes for the boysYou know, she just has so much extra time on her hands.

Liam would not let me take a photo of him before heading off in the morning, but he PROMISED me he would have someone take a picture of him together with the other boys at school. Well...that didn't happen. Good thing Maryann got a picture of Maddie, dressed as Wonder Woman, and Liam. However, Liam is not wearing the best part of the costume—the mask. Oh well. 

We been teasing Katie for years that she is really a vampire. She doesn't sleep, she likes her meat rare, she has "alabaster" skin, and she has a superpower of finding things. This year for Halloween night, she decided to let her true self come out. I like how the different lighting gives each photo a very different look, so I'm including both.

Weather for Halloween in Utah is always iffy, but we lucked out this year. I stayed a the house and handed out candy. We had a good crowd stop by with lots of cute kids. Katie didn't purchase as many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as I would have liked. There were hardly any leftover at the end of the night. Plus, I think the Halloween versions of the cups has gotten smaller. The nerve... My goal for next year is to come up with a new costume. I think I'd better get working on it soon because I don't want to add to Katie's all-nighters.