December 03, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama!

Here's the timeline:

  • Oct. 28—Chloe decides for sure she wants to leave on her mission as soon as she can. She calls to get an appointment with the bishop for the following Tuesday. The bishop is very busy, but it helps to be friends with the executive secretary.
  • Oct. 30—Chloe meets with the bishop, has a great interview, and gets the process going.
  • Oct. 31—During the day, Chloe is able to set up appointments with the dentist and doctor for check ups. Later that evening, Chloe fills out the online application while trick-or-treaters come to the door.
  • Nov. 2—Chloe sees the dentist and the doctor. She still needs to have her wisdom teeth out, and the oral surgeon is able to squeeze her in the next Friday.
  • Nov. 9—Chloe gets her wisdom teeth out. I have the honor and privilege of being with her when she comes our of the anesthesia.*
  • Nov. 11—Chloe is able to get an appointment with both the bishop and the stake president. Chloe's papers are officially submitted. 
  • Nov. 21—Chloe's call arrives . We drive up to Idaho so Chloe can open it at Opa and Oma's.
Here is a video Chloe created to remember the event. As of today, it already has nearly 3,000 views!

Birmingham, Alabama—Spanish speaking! Wow, who woulda thunk?** Certainly not me. I was kind of hoping for Germany, Austria or England. That way, Katie and I could pick her up from her mission when she's done and do a little sightseeing. However, missions aren't about sightseeing, and almost immediately after Chloe read her letter, I had a strong confirmation Alabama was where Heavenly Father wants and needs her to be. We are all very excited for her. Chloe's going to make the most outstanding missionary, and Alabama will never be the same. Another blessing is that her mission president is Richard Holzapfel. He's an amazing religion professor at BYU, and I've had the opportunity to interact with him a couple of times. I've always been extremely impressed.

Chloe will enter the MTC on Feb. 6.  That seems really soon to me. I know quite of few young men and women who received their calls before Chloe and will leave later. I just think Heavenly Father has something for her to do and needs her soon. Now, Chloe needs to hunker down and focus on finishing out the school semester well. She might also need to fend off the boys.

It's interesting how now that Chloe is going to Alabama, I notice Alabama all over the news. Did you know Alabama will be playing Notre Dame in football for the national championship? I didn't until now. I just may end up watching the game this year and root for the Crimson Tide.

Liam once told me if you ever hear "Sweet Home Alabama" on the radio, you don't need to change the station because at that moment in time, there isn't a better song on the radio. I think for the next year and half, he right. We will sure miss our Chloe but are so very proud of her.
*Click here to read about Chloe coming out of anesthesia. Tee-hee-hee.
**Maddie Mc actually "thunk" Alabama. As a reward, I'm going to make the Mc family an amazing cobbler. I've heard that is the big dessert down there.

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