December 11, 2012

SLC's Christkindlmarkt

One of my favorite German Christmas traditions is the Christkindlmarkt/Weihnachtsmarkt. It's a street market during the four weeks of Advent. When we heard this was the first year for a Christkindlmarkt at This Is the Place Heritage Park, we knew we had to go.

It was on the chilly side, so we began at the Heidelberg "Hot" Schokolade booth. I was amused at the mixture of German and English, and I wondered what made it "Heidelberg" cocoa. It was kind of like getting "Swiss" Tacos and "Swiss" hamburgers at Midway's Swiss day. However, the coco was really good. It also turned out that two students I worked this semester with were running the booth.

The market had about thirty booths. Everything was done extremely well, and in my opinion, it was as authentic as you can get here in Utah. We hope the market becomes and annual tradition. We will definitely go back. My only recommendation is that they get a few more vendors to offer German or Austrian Christmas toys and decorations. I only saw one Christmas pyramid. I also didn't see any of those large decorated gingerbread hearts with sayings on them for sale. If I had a bakery, that's what I'd sell in my booth.

They also had entertainment. This guy sang and played the accordion and cow bells—a little on the corny side, but a lot of fun to watch.

I need more cowbell! I got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell!
We tried some of the pretzels, which were very reminiscent of those we bought in Salzburg.

We found a booth run by Vosen's Bakery (They should do the gingerbread hearts!). Once I spotted it, I knew I had to buy it. They had authentic looking Mohnkuchen (poppy seed cake). This is one of my favorite German pastries.

Though not native to any German-speaking country, the reindeer were a nice touch.

This was the place for a great Christkindlmarkt.

Throughout the day, Chloe kept giving Tomas hugs. I think the idea of her being away 18 months for her mission is hitting her.

Here we are keeping warm.

Since we were in Salt Lake, we decided to stop by another craft fair and a British import shop. We ended the outing with dinner at Crown Burger. We arrived at the perfect time. Just after we placed our order, 300 Church youth and their leaders came into the restaurant after seeing the Christmas lights at Temple Square just down the street.

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