December 26, 2012

Santa 2012

Here it is—our Santa 2012 photo. With Chloe being gone on her mission next year, Liam pretty much always hating every second of the ordeal, and Tomas quite possibly figuring things out (if he hasn't already), it just may be the end of this yearly tradition. This year, we even broke with convention and didn't purchase the photo they took. It's always been, in my opinion, a bit of a rip. But this year, what the heck?! Twenty bucks for a 5x7. Uh, no thanks. So, below is what I took over the shoulder of the "elf." I didn't have a decent flash with me, so the photo's not very sharp. But for free, I'm happy.

Included with the yearly tradition is dinner out afterward. It seems like over the past few years, Red Robin has been the popular restaurant of choice. Once again, we had a fun family meal together, and I finally learned you can request their bottomless fries without the nasty seasoning salt. Everyone else in the family seems to like the salt, but now we can all season our fries to suit our own tastes. It's amazing how this improved my dining experience. Ahh...the simple things in life.

Maybe if we keep the eating out at a restaurant as part of the deal, the boys will still play along. But, I'm not gonna hold my breath. I'm afraid it might be, "So long, Santa."

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