December 25, 2012

Goodbye Scooter

Scooter had breath that could kill.
Scooter barked uncontrollably when the doorbell rang.
And it drove me nuts how Scooter could never be more than six inches from my side whenever I was at home, especially when I was in the bathroom.

However, we've all got our faults, right?

Scooter was always so excited to see me when I got home from work.
Scooter didn't shed.
Scooter was a very good-natured dog.
He always tried so hard to please and be a good dog.

December 14 was a sad day. It happened quickly, and Scooter's health declined rapidly. The vet thought he had cancer. We had him put to sleep. I was surprised at how hard it was on me.

Scooter was a good little friend, and we will miss him a lot.

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