December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner 2012...Y'all

Our Christmas Eve dinner tradition is to have cuisine from a different place in the world. A couple months ago, we decided we would have a meal from wherever Chloe got her mission call to. When it turned out she would be going to Alabama, we had no idea what they ate down there. Katie did some research online and came up with the menu.  And even though Chloe will be a Spanish speaking missionary and will most likely eat a lot of food from south of the border, we decided to stick with Alabamian fare. I, of course, looked up desserts from Alabama and found cobbler is big down there.

Here are Katie and the kids just before sitting down to our southern feast.

We had pulled barbecued pork with a very interesting white sauce, collared greens with carrots and bacon, black-eyed peas, and corn bread with honey butter. We unanimously loved the pork with the sauce. The sauce was little bit like ranch dressing. Everyone also loved the corn bread. Katie found several recipes that have whole kernels of corn in the bread but knew the kids would go for that. Although, I really want to try it someday. Everyone but Tomas liked the black-eyed peas. But, he didn't really give them a fair shot. They were similar to re-fried beans. The collard greens were the only thing that didn't get the best reviews. Katie liked them, but she pretty much loves all vegetables. I thought they were a bit bitter. I think I would prefer the same recipe but made with spinach. None of the kids liked the greens. However, we're glad we tried them, and the kids and I were very appreciative of all the hard work Katie put into the meal.

For dessert, I made a recipe called Crunchy Peach Cobbler from a Alabamian cook book we received for Christmas from the Mc family. It was really good—maybe my favorite peach cobbler recipe yet. What made it different was the addition of fresh lemon juice and almond extract.

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