November 10, 2012

Snow Fort Building

While I stayed inside where it was warm and finished up a few blog posts, Tomas and Liam along with friends Tanner and Jace spent the morning at the park building this.

Very impressive. If it's still there on Monday and the snow is still good for building, they want to add a room. Because as you can see...'s a tight squeeze.

I wonder if Liam can get some sort of merit badge for this, or if Tomas can check something off in his Wolf book.

Tis the Season...For Shoveling

I don't really like snow.

Growing up in the California dessert and having snow once every five to ten years was just fine with me.

Although I know this area of the country is currently in a drought, I didn't mind not having to shovel the walks once last year. 

Tomas, on the other hand, is different. Since he was old enough to hold one of those kiddy-sized snow shovels, shoveling snow has been one of his favorite things to do. This year, he reached an important milestone and moved up to a full-size adult snow shovel.

Yesterday, we got our first real snow. We got about a foot of the heavy wet stuff. I asked Tomas if he wanted to come out and help shovel, it was like Christmas had come early.

We first did our house and then moved next door to a neighbor who can't do it for himself. I thought we were done, but then Tomas ran over to start the neighbors on the other side of us. I went over to help, but Tomas said he wanted to do that house completely by himself because that's where one of his best friend's grandparents live. So, I knocked snow out of the trees in our yard and the neighbors' yards since many branches looked like they might break.

After Tomas finished, he decided we needed to do the entire neighborhood. Since I didn't want to be out there all night, I talked him into just doing our street. When we finished, we had done a total of eight homes. Tomas, always made sure we did a good job. We even did a second driveway for a neighbor who only uses it during the summer to put his camper.

It was a great evening of service with my little buddy. But, I'm thinking this may be a way for him to make some serious money when he's a little older. And, Tomas also rakes leaves with the same kind of enthusiasm. 

Bring It On, Tooth Fairy!

Yesterday, I took Chloe in to have her wisdom teeth taken out. I know it's the trend to video the patient waking up from the anesthesia and post it on Youtube, but Chloe, knowing I had a cell phone, warned me sternly not to. Although, I may have teased her a bit that I might, I knew it would be cruel. I did get her permission to take a photo though.

Considering the circumstances, I think she looks lovely.

I also madly typed a note on my cell phone of all the things she said while she was coming to. It was pretty funny, and I had a hard time not laughing too loudly. Because of the new change in the age to leave on a mission, the place was crazy busy with young men and women having their wisdom teeth taken out. It was very entertaining listening to all the funny wailing, singing, laughing, crying and random things coming from all the rooms.

So, here is a list of what Chloe said while I sat with her as she woke up. Imagine her saying these things in a loopy sing-song voice with a numb mouth stuffed with gauze.
  1. "How long have I been here?" 
  2. "I hear singing. Are they going to make me sing?"
  3. "How long have I been here?"
  4. "I'm going on a mission, but last night I went on a date with a guy in a band. He doesn't know I'm going on a mission." She told this to the nurse.
  5. "How long have I been here?"
  6. "Is it snowing? I didn't know it was already Christmas."
  7. "How long have I been here?"
  8. "Where are my feet? Can you see them?"
  9. "How long have I been here?"
  10. "Dad! I just opened my eyes! I can seeeee youuuu!" (followed by lots of giggling)
  11. "How long have I been here?"
  12. "I'm hungry. I just loooove ice cream!"
  13. "How long have I been here?"
  14. "I'm so cold my buns are jiggling off."
  15. "How long have I been here?"
  16. "Dad, you're a bum, but I'm glad you're not that guy." (me: What guy?) "You know, Dad. That guy!" (more giggling)
  17. "How long have I been here?"
Once she woke up, I took Chloe home and put her to bed. Katie then got home from teaching to pamper and take care of Chloe. Initially, there was some soreness, nausea, and a little swelling. But today, she seems almost completely back to her old chipper self.

Oh, and by the way, we were only at the oral surgeons for just over an hour.

Halloween 2012 Wrap Up

Halloween 2012 was great. We had the perfect weather, and for the first time ever, we got our pumpkins carved before the trick-or-treaters began arriving. We carved our pumpkins for Family Home Evening two days prior, and Chloe was able to join us.

Beginning top left and going clockwise: 1. Tomas created a scary-face pumpkin that he actually carved mostly by himself. 2. Chloe carved a pumpkin with a sweet stache and monocle. 3. Liam is slightly obsessed with the Avengers at the moment. 4. This was basically my one and only attempt during this way too long and drawn out presidential political campaign. Considering where we live, I was pleasantly surprised it didn't end up smashed. There were even some people who actually seemed to like it. 5. And finally, Katie picked out a pumpkin that was perfect for a skull.

Although we got an early start on the pumpkins, we followed the time honored family tradition of pulling a practical all-nighter finishing up costumes. From Chloe's very first Halloween costume where we dressed her in a darn cute cow costume, we have made all of our kid's costumes. And, I should clarify that it's been mostly Katie doing all the work.

Recently, we showed the boys "Ghostbusters." We haven't seen it in many years, and it's a good thing that when it comes to movies, Katie has a photographic memory. She remembered where every swear word and questionable scene was, so she was our personal Clearplay editing system. The boys loved the movie and decided independently they wanted to be characters from the movie. Liam wanted go as the Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman, because he was the funniest. Tomas wanted to be the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man.

This is what we were aiming for...

This is what we came up with...

Who ya gonna call?

I thought the boys looked great. Katie did a fantastic job on Tomas' costume. But, the poor kid wore the costume to school on one of the warmest Halloweens in recent memory. Most of the kids at school had never heard of the Ghostbusters and thought Tomas was Popeye. My job was to help Liam create his Proton Pack out of cardboard, junk from the second hand store, and a lot of hot glue. The boys had a lot of fun trick-or-treating together. And, more people recognized who Tomas was.

Chloe decided to stop by the house for a little bit before heading off to her parties and dances. She created her own costume. She went as the hipster Snow White. Snow White seemed to be one of the favorite costumes this year. I saw a lot, but Chloe was the only hipster version.

Katie taught her classes dressed as a farmer. I was a party pooper. Since the days of my last job, where we were sort of expected to dress up every year, I haven't really felt like it. Plus, I had several meetings I had to attend. I thought I might not be taken seriously if I were dressed as a wizard or something.

After the boys were back from trick-or-treating, we finished of the evening with our final tradition. We made an appearance at the Mc's home to see what the pallies were dressed as and show them our costume creations. The boys also like to go to a few homes in the Mc's neighborhood who really go all out for Halloween.

It was a fun Halloween. My only one complaint, and it's pretty minor, was that we did not have enough Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and banana flavored Laffy Taffy and too many Whoppers leftover for my liking. I may just have to do the candy shopping next year.