July 06, 2012

One Smart Cookie

Still trying to catch up on blogging.

From the photos on the camera, it looks like the next big event to happen was Chloe's high school graduation the last day of May. Leading up to the big day, Chloe sure packed a lot into her final days of school from concerts for choir and ballroom to dances and other school activities to finishing up a couple online courses so she could actually graduate.

We were able to fit in a "senior portrait" session. It sounds kind of funny to call it that because I've been taking photos of her all year. I'm going to miss my ever-willing model when she goes off to college.

Chloe graduated up near the top of her class and has been accepted to BYU. We're very proud of her and know great things are in store.

Here's some video from graduation.

Oma, Opa, Grandma Jo, Grandpa Gene, and Aunt Bita came to celebrate the big day.

July 03, 2012

Eight Is Great. And, So Is Tomas!

This post is way long overdue. My poor neglected blog—I seriously need to get with the program. As I get older, my memory doesn't seem to be what it used to be. I'd better get this stuff recorded soon, or I'll totally forget it.

In April, Tomas celebrated a birthday. He turned the big 8. He had a party at Xtreme Air Sports with all his friends. They had a great time jumping on trampolines and diving into pits of foam blocks. Not only was the lighting not so great inside the building, but I couldn't get the boys to hold still for a second. Hence, no photos.

However, Tomas let me do a ten minute photo shoot with him. Here's what I got.

This year, Tomas played soccer again. He's one of the coach's favorite players on the team. (I might be slightly biased.) Tomas also loved taking swimming lessons.

Tomas began taking piano lessons. He's still at the point where he LOVES to practice (at ALL times of the day). We hope it continues...forever.

Tomas' best friends really are the best. It's great whenever he can get together with Sebi, Jeffrey and Isaac.

Tomas also became an official Cub Scout. He's been coming with me to every pack meeting for a couple years now. I have a feeling I'll be Cub Master at least until Tomas turns 11. But, I don't mind. It's fun when you have Tomas with you who is excited for everything you have planned.

Tomas also had a great year at school. He had a fantastic teacher, Mrs. Houlin. Tomas loves to read, and Katie got to go to his class each week to work with his reading group. It won't be long before Tomas passes me up in math skills, and because of his older brother, Liam, Tomas will also be a historian/scientist with a head crammed full of all kinds of interesting and strange facts.

And this was the year that whenever Chloe and Tomas got bored, they would disappear and come back with video creations like this. Tomas will have Chloe to thank when he's in high school at the dances showing off his sweet moves.

One thing I'll always remember about this past year was how Tomas was my little buddy on the Vienna study abroad Katie and I directed. We had so many good times, and Tomas was always up for anything. This very artistic photo was taken by Sebi on our side trip to Berlin.

And one of the most important events of all was that Tomas was baptized. All the grandparents and many friends and cousins came. I was a beautiful day.

We often tell Tomas to stop growing and getting older. He sure is great at this age. But even though I always feel a little sad thinking our baby is growing up, I think many wonderful things are in store for Tomas.