May 07, 2012

Do Your Thing, Miss Chloe!

This weekend was Chloe's end-of-the-year dance concert. In a way, it's a bit sad because this was her final dance performance in high school. We're going to miss attending the ballroom concerts. (I have serious doubts Liam will give ballroom a shot.)

My favorite dance of the evening was this one choreographed by Chloe. It was a lot of fun, and it was soooo Chloe. The entire dance screams her personality. Chloe's dance turned out to be the crowd's favorite, also. The cheering and clapping were so loud you couldn't hear the music on the video, so we re-added it.

I think with this video the Charleston just might make a comeback. But, let it now be known as the Chloeston! Great job, Chloe!

On a side note—Once again, it was proven that I am a magnet for people with horrible concert etiquette. Why does every person who feels the need to talk, text, whine, eat food noisily, etc. sit next to me? On this evening, a family we've experienced before sat down directly behind me seconds before the beginning of the show when it was too late for me to find our group other seats. This has been a running joke in the family, but I've grown quite tired of it. If you go to performance and see me, I suggest you sit far, far away—the magnetic attraction is just too strong. If you have an urge to sit in my general area, you are most likely need an etiquette refresher.

May 02, 2012

Rock On, Liam!

A little while back, Liam mentioned in passing that he and his friend, Sam, were going to be playing at a school function.

"Playing what?" I asked.

He gave me the "duh" look.

It turns out the two had formed a little band.

Really? I had no clue. Liam has been teaching himself guitar and drums, but I don't think I've ever heard him play a song all the way through. And then, Liam told us Sam was going to teach him how to play bass in one afternoon. Once again, really?

Katie and I were a little worried. Did Liam really know how to play well enough to perform in front of crowd? What songs were they going to perform? Also, of the three kids, Liam may be the shyest.

I certainly didn't want to stifle his creativity, but I also didn't want it to be a bad experience for him. Well, I should have known. When Liam sets his mind to something, he always does it well. For example, a few years back, he confidently exclaimed he was going to win the school's geography bee. And, he did it. Twice.

His debut as a rock star was pretty good for junior high kids. Actually, it was pretty darn great for junior high kids. I know I could have never done anything like that when I was his age. I was very proud. I don't think it'll be long before he amasses a bunch of groupies. However, I can be confident  he will thankfully not become the newest member of One Direction (sorry Chloe). His musical tastes are much more mature and refined.

The school's sound system wasn't the best, so I advise listening to this with headphones on. Then, you can really hear Liam on the bass.

Now if you just watched that, you can't say anything to Liam. My guess is he doesn't want me posting it. I won't be announcing this blog entry on Facebook, and I think I only have a handful of readers anyway. But, I want to remember Liam's performance, and I want the grandparents, aunts and uncles to see it. If and when Liam finds out I think he'll forgive a couple years.

Liam's Machine

For Liam's science class he had to create a complex machine. This assignment was right up his alley. Liam has been a fan of Rube Goldberg type machines since he was very little. I can completely imagine him to growing up to be like the dad in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

So, how many steps does it take to pop a balloon? I'll let you do the counting.

Actually, while I love Dick Van Dyke, I think Liam is more likely to come up with something like these two videos. They're a bit crazier and involve explosions and things getting destroyed. So very Liam.

Here's OK Go's This Too Shall Pass.

And this is the Mythbuster's Rube Goldberg machine. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are two of Liam's heroes, and he got to see their live show recently for his birthday.

I think I'll try and get Liam to start working on something to automatically feed the pets. (With no explosives, of course. That could get messy. Real messy.)