February 20, 2012

Tomas Update

I was going through photos on the camera and found these of Tomas.

Last month was the school science fair.  Every summer while Katie works in the yard, Tomas plays alongside finding all kinds of creepy crawly things.  Tomas wondered what happened to them all during the winter. Along with reading several books, Tomas spent a lot of time digging around in the yard trying to find some bugs. He found a lot of dead bugs.

Tomas learned tons of neat facts about bugs, and he did an excellent job explaining his project to the judges. (I know this because I was a judge. And although I couldn't judge Tomas' project, I was able to eavesdrop from a distance.)

For Valentine's Day, Tomas made a robot Valentine's box. With Katie's help, he made some really cute robot Valentine's to hand out. I think the favorite Valentine he received was from a little girl in his class named Eva. The Valentine folded into an origami fortune teller. (I used to call them cootie catchers.) He plays with it every day, and we've even had to repair it a couple times. Katie thinks Tomas may have a little crush on Eva, and said if Tomas were to marry Eva, it would be just fine with her.

Tomas had saved up a considerable amount of money. He decided what he really wanted was a hamster. I took him to the pet store, and he purchased a dwarf hamster, cage and all the accoutrements. Tomas named the hamster Tumbleweed. He's very cute and lot of fun, but he is extremely fast. We have to be very careful he doesn't escape while we're playing with him. So far, Tomas is an extremely responsible pet owner.

Tumbleweed has a ball that he rolls around in. Scooter is curious but doesn't get to close, and Chester thinks it's a new play toy. But, whenever Tumbleweed chases in his ball after the cat, Chester always chickens out and runs away.

UPDATE (3/20/2012)
Today when Tomas got home from school, he went to check on Tumbleweed. He found him curled up in his little house dead. We have no idea what happened. We had just played with him the evening before and all seemed well. Tomas was very very sad. For the month that he had him, Tomas took such great care of Tumbleweed. On his own, Tomas was very responsible with caring for Tumbleweed. And, Tumbleweed was such a fun little hamster. He was so active, and he never bit. We gave Tumbleweed a little burial in our back yard. Tomas made Tumbleweed a little grave marker. Maybe we'll go looking this weekend for Tumbleweed II.

Rest in peace, Tumbleweed.

O Fortuna

The Mountain View Chamber Choir participated with the other chamber choirs in the school district in the Alpine School District Masterworks Festival. This year, the choirs performed Carmina Burana—Latin, old German and all. For high school kids, it was very impressive.

Here is my favorite part, O Fortuna.

I had this stuck in my head and was singing it for a least a week afterward. Unfortunately, I don't know the words, so I just made them up.

February 14, 2012


To raise money for their upcoming tour, Chloe's choir sold and performed Valentunes. I bought one for Katie, and a group of young men came by the house last night and did a wonderful rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight." I had a pretty good hunch that Chloe hit Katie up to purchase a Valentune for me, so I brought the video camera to work just in case. And good thing I did, too. This is who showed up at my office this morning.

What a gorgeous looking group!
Thanks to Andrew for capturing the moment on video. The girls did a FANTASTIC job! I loved it. It's something I'll always remember.

Chloe took the group over to Liam and Tomas' schools to sing to them, too. Liam, who we thought might die of embarrassment, actually ended up liking the Valentune. While Tomas, who we thought would love the attention, turned bright red and stared at the floor.

This was a really fun idea. Chloe had a blast with her friends, and she made bank for the tour. She put in lots of hours, but from my perspective, the Valentunes were worth every penny (actually more).

Here's a run down on a few other Valentine's Day happenings. As many of you probably already know, Katie hates Valentines Day with a passion. She's only resigned herself to it once I started giving her books. So, that's become the tradition—everyone gets a book from Dad. This year, I gave Katie the Eyewitness Travel Guide to London since not a day goes by without her talking about London. For our evening entertainment, Katie invited me to International Cinema to see some terribly sad Australian movie with very little dialogue. She had to go because she assigned students from one of her classes to see it. I didn't mind because I got to be with her. But as for the movie, let's just put that in the I'm-glad-I-saw-it-but-never-want-to-see-it-again category. Afterwards, we stopped by the Barnes & Noble CafĂ© for dessert.

And so was Valentine's Day 2012—a very nice day. And, I sure do love my family!