October 09, 2011

Best Seats in the House

I guess lightening can strike twice. Last year, the Student Alumni was invited to the President's Loge for a football game. I thought it was probably going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I seriously doubt I will ever make enough to be a major donor to the university. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. A couple weeks ago, we got another invite.

This time, Chloe joined me. Katie and the kids used tickets I got through work. Here are Chloe and I in the loge. As we rode the elevator up, Chloe stated that her college future was dependent upon this game. Whichever team won, that's where she was going.

Katie and Tomas had fantastic seats down on the front row at the 30 yard line. Liam and his friend, Tanner, were about as high in the stands as you could possibly go.

Up in the loge, they had a nice Mexican buffet. Chloe and I ate with the parents of one of Chloe's friends, whose dad is a vice president of the University. During the game, I snacked on kettle corn and blue and white M&Ms. I ate way too much, but I kept thinking this may only be a twice-in-a-lifetime thing, so I'd better take full advantage of it.

Here's the Student Alumni gang with their dates. Not only are they good lookin', but they are such a blast to work with.

In addition to President Samuelson and the President's Council, there were several Church and government leaders in attendance. I saw at least five members of the Quorum of the Seventy; there may have been more. I also one guy I was sure I knew from somewhere. I thought maybe I had seen him around campus. It wasn't until after halftime that I got a look at his name tag and found out it was our governor. So, no I didn't know him; I've just seen him on TV.

As I was heading back to my seat for the beginning of the second half, I saw all the students bunched around looking like they were waiting for something . I then noticed they were standing next to Sister Beck, General Relief Society president. I could tell they wanted to meet her, so I offered to get her attention and introduce them.

Sister Beck was very gracious and spent a few moments speaking with the students. I then asked if I could take a photo. I don't know what my problem was—nerves perhaps. But, I could not get the flash on my camera to work. It was like I had never touched the thing before. I took several photos anyway. As Sister Beck finished up talking with the students, I looked through the photos I had just taken. They were all blurry! Dang it.

At first, I thought, "Oh well. You can still tell who everyone is." But, then I thought, "This is an amazing opportunity, and the students will think I'm such and idiot." So, I embarrassingly told Sister Beck about the photos, and asked if we could try it just one more time. And although I felt like a dork, Sister Beck was once again so kind and agreed. This time I got it right.

After the photo, Sister Beck grabbed my elbow and said that we needed a photo with me in it, and here it is.
Sister Beck looks great, but what's up with me? That look on my face resembles a Muppet. Anyway, thank you Sister Beck!

So, how did the game go? Well, up through the end of the third quarter it looked like BYU was going to lose a second year in a row to Utah State. The score was 13-24. I was worried. Not because it meant Chloe would choose USU (She'll do great wherever she goes.), but I didn't want such a fun experience for the Chloe and the students to end on a down note.

A few minutes into the fourth quarter, I noticed people starting to leave the stands. Even the President's loge was half empty. But, with only minutes and then seconds remaining, BYU pulled off an amazing comeback. Two incredible plays happened right in front of where Katie and the boys were sitting. (Liam and Tanner had joined Katie and Tomas to sit in vacated seats.)

Here is Chloe cheering at the final BYU touchdown.

This is a photo of Chloe and me just after the end of  the game with the scoreboard in the background. What? You can't read the score? It's too small?

Here, let me help.
Ahhh...Looks like Chloe is going to be a cougar after all. Which, by the way, she proudly told quite a few people as we exited the loge. (Sorry, Oma and Opa.)

As Chloe and I walked back to the car, we ran into this crazy group who looked like they had the time of their lives. Might Katie become a football fan?

It was a fun evening, and I wouldn't be sad if lightening were to strike a third time.