May 23, 2011

Shout Out to Aunt Bita

Of course, we have a lot of BYU clothing and swag.

But, Aunt Bita makes sure we have enough Texas stuff to balance it all out.

This is how Tomas went to school today. I had to take a picture and post it for Lori. Tomas was decked out in a Texas Longhorn warm up suit, T-shirt, socks and galoshes. The only thing not burnt orange was his underwear (Christmas, Lori?). Lori probably got a great deal on the galoshes. Who would need such things in Texas. However, with our heavy winter and soggy spring, Tomas has practically lived in them.

So, there you go, Lori. Hook 'em Horns!

Bouncin' Birthday Fun

We promised Tomas he could have a birthday party. However this year, his birthday fell on a Sunday, and all of his friends were out of town for spring break. Then, the end of the BYU's semester happened, so that meant Katie and I didn't have any time.

So, only a month late, but Tomas finally got his party—and, the weather even cooperated.

I took Tomas and his three best friends to Jump On It, a huge warehouse type building filled with trampolines and inflatable attractions. The boys had a fantastic time.

Sebi, Ethan, Tomas and Jeffrey—I wanted a picture of all of them up in the air at the same time, but this was the best I got. I do like how Jeffrey seems to be performing some sort of levitation trick, a la David Blaine.

Showing off their moves.

While the boys and I were gone, Chloe picked up some pizza, and Katie made the birthday "cake,"  a giant mound of cocoa fudge cake balls. The boys devoured the pizza, bread sticks, soda, and cake balls in no time at all, and we were glad we had already taken them to Jump On It.

Tomas had a great time with his great friends!

I love this photo. They're a great lookin' group, but I must also thank my new fancy schmancy camera lens.

May 20, 2011

Those Dancin' Fools

It's Friday night.

Chloe, our social butterfly, amazingly doesn't have anything going on.

She decides to spend the evening hanging out with her little brother.

They go get shakes at Arctic Circle.

On the drive home, they devise a plan.

This is what they create.

However, before viewing, I recommend you have a pair of clean underwear ready. You may just laugh so hard you wet yourself a little.


May 02, 2011

Belle of the Ball—Prom 2011

Once upon a time, Chloe wished upon a star. And last night, her wish came true.

Her knight in shining armor arrived to take her to the grand ball.

Chloe's fairy godmother, helped create her gown. She was more beautiful than Belle.

As Parker whisked Chloe off her feet to go to the ball, he discovered something different—no glass slippers for this princess. Bunny slippers are more Chloe's style.

Not a white horse, but this convertible Mustang was still a pretty sweet ride.

And, off they rode into the sunset.

Chloe arrived home before pumpkin time. She floated down the stairs to tell her waiting parents all the details of her magical evening.