September 19, 2010

Photos of the Week (9/18/10)

Fall semester for me (and for Katie) can be described in one word—crazy. With all of our responsibilities relating to work, family and church, there's not much time left over. That's why I haven't touched the camera in a while. And, it's been bugging me. There's so much I have to learn and practice.

Finally yesterday, I had about a one hour window of time. I decided to make a run for it and shoot a few pictures. Tomas was willing to go with me, so we headed to a park. Unfortunately, the park was completely overrun with people (the world's largest birthday party for a one year-old, two ward activities, a family reunion, and a bunch of ice blockers). There were certainly lots of cute kids running around that would have been great models, but a stranger taking pictures of kids is these days very creepy, so I stuck to my own child.

Tomas was more interested in running around playing international spy using sticks as various guns and reconnaissance equipment than posing for me, so I took what I could get. Here are the results.

September 08, 2010

College Football Season Has Begun...

...and I say, "Big woo!" Seriously, I could care less.

However, if you take free tickets from work and the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Liam, I'm there.

The seats were in the end zone way up high. But, that didn't matter too much because Liam and I don't really have much of a clue what's going on down on the field. However, we were surrounded by real football enthusiasts who knew every play and every player, and they explained things in terms I could understand.

Liam talked pretty much nonstop. Although much of it was a bit random, I was thoroughly entertained. Boy, does that kid have a lot of strange facts stored in his brain. And oh, the bizarre stories he can tell. I'm convinced this is his key to fame and fortune later in life.

Go Cougars! Wait. Why is Liam the only one cheering?

One thing I am proud of is I know all the words to the fight song. I heard some interesting variations sung around me, even with the lyrics displayed on the scoreboard. I can also do a pretty decent job of the archaic College Song. Very few BYU fans have even heard of it. The marching band played it before the game. Most of the people around me thought they were playing the National Anthem and stood with their hands over their hearts. Pretty funny.

The Cougars beat the Huskies, 23-17.

Liam took a turn ringing the Victory Bell.

Liam had his picture taken with Cosmo
and with some guy who couldn't wait.