July 29, 2010

Photo of the Week—Bear Lake

Of all the pictures I took during our little Bear Lake vacation, I think this one of the cousins, Liam and Nathan, is my favorite.

Bear Lake, Part 7—Meet the In-laws

Let me introduce you to my dear sweet mother and father-in-law. They're special.

 And here is Mom-in-law with her little sister, Crazy Auntie Joyce. They let her out for special occasions.

And some think the nutty relatives are on my side of the family.


I'm just sayin'...

Bear Lake, Part 6—Happy Piggies

Everyone does the "little piggy" game with babies, right? Well, when Chloe was tiny, Katie and I added a new verse for our annual Bear Lake vacations.

This little piggy went to Bear Lake.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had raspberry shake.
This little piggy had none.
And, this little piggy ran wee wee wee wee all the way home.

Bear Lake is famous for its raspberries, and raspberry shakes are a must when visiting. Our favorite place to get them is Le Beau's. I've heard that Le Beau's is the originator of the Bear Lake raspberry shake, but I haven't been able to verify that claim. However, it's very popular and always has a long line. Good thing they're fast.

The happy little piggies...
Katie had traditional raspberry.
I had chocolate raspberry.
Chloe had cookie dough.
Liam had brownie and banana.
Tomas had chocolate.

July 28, 2010

Bear Lake, Part 5—We Played Tennis

Or, something like it.

Tomas in his ball ball boy stance—He's ready for the US Open.  

The mantra for Tomas—"Keep your eye on
the ball!" It worked...sometimes. 

 This isn't the most athletic looking shot I got,
but I like it. Liam is actually pretty good. 
Maybe this will be how I make my millions. 
"Liam, quit reading that book, and get out
there and hit some balls!"

I worked with Chloe on her serve. She's bound
to be awesome with me as a coach. (I wish
there were some sort of punctuation or emoticon
to denote sarcasm.) 

Venus and Serena ain't got nothin' on Katie. 
Orange and black Dutch soccer jersey with 
coordinating black coolots? You work it, Girl!

Bear Lake, Part 4—Toys

It's nice to have relatives who buy wild and crazy and most likely expensive toys and let relatives like me who would never buy such things use them. (Did that make sense? If not, try reading it slower. And, with an accent of your choosing.)

First, we have the floating hamster ball.

It looks like Tomas is doing all the running in the hamster ball
while Katie is just along for the ride.

The hamster ball makes for a cool picture.

We also flew the kite on steroids.

(Click to enlarge.) Everyone but Tomas took a turn. He wanted
to, but I didn't want to have to drive to Salt Lake to pick him up.
They had an industrial skateboard thing you could ride while
flying the kite. I saw Uncle Jon try it out and land in the reeds. 
Learning from his experience, I decided to pass. I'm no dummy!

Bear Lake, Part 3—Reunion Activities

Here's a sampling of some of the family reunion activities:

1. The Popcorn Game

Uncle Jon taught everyone this game. Popcorn sounds like
such a fun little kids' game. But, NO! I have renamed the 
game the Flying Tetherball of Death. Although it was fun 
to watch, I was just glad to be on this side of the camera. 
Everyone came away with some sort of battle wound. 

A photo of the Tetherball of Death making contact would
have been lovely, but I got the aftermath. What was 
Crazy Aunt Joyce, a woman of mature years, thinking?

2. The Fish Pond

Everyone got to cast a line into the fish pond and see what
the Bear Lake Monster would throw back.

Looks like Jon and Nathan landed a big one.

I knew the Bear Lake Monster was real!

3. Chloe taught us all this trick from the TV show Minute to Win It.

While as entertaining as it may seem, I don't think Chloe
has a chance on America's Got Talent. She was, however,
the only person whose cookie made it to her mouth
consistently. The rest of us just ate a lot of Oreos.

4. Fireworks
It was too dark to capture the idiots cousins
who put on the display. But, I am honestly
surprised no body parts were lost.

Oooh. Aaah. Pretty!

Bear Lake, Part 2—Gang Up on Chloe!

Bear Lake, Part 1—The Pool and the Beach

We joined Katie's family at Bear Lake for the annual reunion. Thanks to Oma and Opa, we stayed in a great condo overlooking the lake.

I took lots of photos, but as I was just going through them, I realized there are several things I didn't get pictures of. For example, our room had a foosball table. Liam and I have a longest running losing streak against Katie and Chloe. It's seriously been going on for years. Well as it stands, the streak continues. After second thought, I don't want a picture of that.

Here are, however, some photos I will share. Enjoy.

Our first night, we hung out at the pool.

Little Miss Audrey is a total ham. I tried sneaking a candid
shot, but she's got some sort of sixth sense and always knew
when I had the camera aimed her way.

Why doesn't Katie like her photo taken? I don't get it. She's

Oma playing the finger game with Nate the Great.

Kristen with Nathan

The next couple of days, we spent a lot of time at the beach.

Chloe walking out to the water. I love all the colors 
you see at Bear Lake.

Liam was very nice to indulge me most of the weekend when 
I got the camera out. What a handsome kid.

The shallow water was so warm. Tomas said it was his hot tub
and laid there for the longest time.
See? Another great picture of Katie.

Pretty darn lucky are we to have kids that are such
good friends.

Tomas would have been content to stay
at the beach all day. 

Liam and Tyler spent a long time in the raft...

... as well as a long time on the floating 

What? A picture of Isaac where he's not a blur?
I was able to capture him sitting still for just a
moment. I had to use the "sports" setting
on the camera though.

Yes, I took a lot of photos of Nathan. He's a photogenic 
little thing. Oh, and that's Jon.

There you have it—the first installment of the Bear Lake Weekend.

July 16, 2010

There's a What Out Front?

Look what paraded through our neighborhood last night.

Out for a leisurely walk getting exercise for an upcoming trek.

Tomas discovered this one likes leaves from the neighbor's tree.

Q—What do you get when you stand between two llamas?
(I'm sorry. It's the best llama joke I could find.)

Como se llama, Llama?

Now, you don't see that every day.


July 15, 2010

Scottish fur a Day

Hey lads and lassies, try out your best Scottish brogue on this.

Lest weekend, we went tae th' Payson City Scottish Festival. We watched th' parade wi' aw th' bagpipe bands.

 (Click to enlarge.) If ye dinnae loch bagpipes, thes isnae th' 
parade fur ye. However, thaur ur nae politicians ur 
beauty queens.

We ate muffins fur breakfest.

 Huir uv a tastey!

 We listened tae th' bagpipe bain competition.

 Dornt teel thes cheil he is wearin' a skirt.
He will break yer neck.

Th' crew Kirkmount played fur th' crowd. They waur amazin'.

Katie has some ay thier songs oan 'er iPod.

  Every year, we see th' burds wi' th' booncy hair. Ah feel sorry fur the puir loon in th' middle.

Dae th' booncy curls help wi' their jiggin?

Haur ur soem highlights ay th' heelain games.

 Can he flin' it ower th' bar?
 Nae he cannae.

 Throwin' a cabre.

 Aem sae glad thes Scot diz wear somethin' under his kilt.

Efter, th' wee jimmies enjoyed some 
guid swally. (cream soda)

We hud a fin day. Haur ur some other photographs ah took ay th' coosins.