May 23, 2010

Prom 2010 (Guest Post by Chloe)

Dear Everyone Who Reads My Dad's Blog,

This is Chloe speaking. Originally my father would have written about my prom experience, BUT to avoid inaccuracies, we decided it would be better if I just told you. Yes, as much as I tease my father about his blogging, he is forcing me to I was willing to write a blog entry for him. I don't plan on taking too long, but I'll just give you the basics.

I was asked to Mountain View High School's prom, the theme being "Forever Young" and before you ask, YES, we did dance to the classic Alphaville song. My FANTASTIC date was David, who I met a while back at a stake dance, and long story short - we just stayed good friends. Here in good old Utah, when you ask someone to a dance you ask in a creative way. I happened to be asked with a tiki torch in my front yard, and attached was a note addressed to an "8 cow woman" asking if I would be willing to go to prom with David (if the cows don't make sense... go here). I responded with writing my entire reply in Tongan on a surfboard and delivering it to his home, I still believe he has no clue what it said but just assumed it was a "yes."

At around noon-ish on Saturday the boys picked us up for a day date to Boondocks (it's like a game center, click here to see it). Our group was huge and consisted of close to a billion couples. I apologize for the traffic we must have caused on the freeway getting there, all of us in our high school junkers and mini vans. Anyways, the date was soooooo much fun. It consisted of lazer tag (multiple times actually - even against a team of 8 year olds... no worries... we won), arcade games, go-carts and bumper boats. The last of these resulted in me coming home soaking wet (they are like bumper cars, but in the water and they shoot water as well), and no, our dates showed no mercy to the girls (not like we were really fair either).

After coming home, one my most favorite women in the whole world, Marisa, came and did make-up and hair. I think I set the record for the quickest getting ready of any girl in the history of getting ready for prom. It took about an hour. Ta da!

Then came David, and now I shall brag about myself. I successfully pinned on the boutonniere without any blood or injury. And then we were off to prom! My father managed to get a couple pictures before I ran out the door. Here are some (boutonniere pinnage and then some).

After we left the house, we enjoyed a wonderful Hawaiian dinner, complete with luau music and paper umbrellas. Not to mention, the food was DELICIOUS. I was thoroughly happy! Following dinner was one big party, and dancing until midnight. To be perfectly honest, David and I were the life of the party, and I don't think our group ever stopped dancing... ever. By the end of the night, we were pretty wasted, but it was SO worth it. I had a GREAT prom!

Well, I'm tired of writing. If you REALLY want any more details... you could... call me?

Signing Off,


PS - I thought it was pretty funny that the most said sentence and running joke of the night was, "You're stepping on my dress! Again!" Ok really, that's all. Bye!

May 22, 2010

We've Got Sprouts!

Everything's coming up roses spinach, peppers, peas and squash. Well, at least I hope that's what they are. And, that's even after the cat has used the garden multiple times as his litter box.

This is a little photographic update on our garden. After all the snow and cold weather, we weren't sure if our garden would do much, but it's lookin' pretty good.

Our Guitar Hero

Liam's guitar class performed at a school fundraiser this past week. Of the three kids, he complains the most whenever I get the camera out. But, I was far enough away I don't think he noticed. Actually, I was quite far away, and these pictures make me love my new camera even more. No way can my old point-and-shoot do this.

The concert was outside, the sound system was pretty much nonexistent, and there was a barbecue going on behind us. So, I really couldn't hear much. But, Liam looked like he was doing well.

While Chloe and I have the habit of sticking out our tongues when we are concentrating and Katie bites her bottom lip, I noticed Liam sucks both his lips in. Interesting. I'll have to start watching Tomas more closely.

I'm just glad Liam is learning guitar instead of just playing the fake one on Wii Rock Band at his friend's house. I'm excited for the day he's good enough we can have a real family singalong around a campfire. My first request will be James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend".  And then, it'll be all Annie. I particularly like the guitar part in "Thorn in My Side".

May 19, 2010

Dancing in Space

This past Saturday was Tomas' dance concert. This year, he was in a class with all boys, so it wasn't just Tomas and his harem. And not only was Tomas in a class with all boys, his best friend Sebi was in there, too. Tomas had a great teacher, Miss Laurie. Katie and I have known her since way back in our performing days.

This particular dance program emphasizes creativity, and the kids get to help invent the choreography. I asked Tomas to explain the dance to me, and he told me it's about outer space. He told me they were orbiting planets, shooting stars, rockets, space probes, and mushroom clouds (Do they have those is space?). See if you can pick those all out in the video. At the end, they are all sucked into a black hole.

Pretty cool, I think. And, Tomas did a great job.

May 17, 2010

Photos of the Week (5/15/10)

It was a nice evening, so Tomas and I decided to go up to campus and see baby ducks. While there, we also looked at some of the sculpture outside the Museum of Art. The museum has a new installation of sculptures made from farm equipment. Here are some of my favorite photos, and at the end of the post I've included a slide show if you want to see more.

May 07, 2010

Hope of America 2010

Just as the annual Adventsingen is the beginning to my Christmas season, Hope of America is the tradition that says we can now celebrate the 4th of July.

Provo really knows how to celebrate Independence Day. They have the Freedom Festival, one of the largest Fourth of July celebrations in the country. One of the first events connected with the festival is Hope of America, a patriotic music and dance program put on by local 4-6 graders along with a few other invited groups. The Marriott Center, which holds around 20,000 people, is absolutely packed.

Last night was my sixth time seeing the program. Chloe performed in it three times, and as a sixth grader, this year was Liam's final Hope of America performance. There have been a few changes here and there, but for the most part, it's the same show year after year.

And, I love it!

I ended that sentence with an exclamation mark because I know of some people who just read that and dry heaved. Sure, some of the songs are corny.  You also have to arrive literally two hours early to get a decent seat since there are so many people that insist on saving 50 seats. Traffic and parking can be a royal pain. And finally, the lady who directs the program and yells instructions to the kids over the PA system before the program begins has got a voice that just grates on my nerves. However, it's tradition, and there are parts of the program that I wait excitedly for every year and parts of the program that never fail to get me choked up. I honestly can't wait till Tomas is old enough to take part.

This year, I brought my new camera to try it out. Here are photos of some of the highlights.

One side of the arena is a giant flag made up of the 
children's chorus. Not only is that an impressive sight,
but that is quite the organizational feat. Can you spot Liam?

 You can see him now, can't you. He's right there in the 
middle of the bottom red stripe. Still, no?

OK, now do you see him?

Here he is singing, "America Rocks". This is one of the cornier 
of the corny songs, but one of my favorites. And, it was 
written by Senator Orrin Hatch.

 A huge highlight is the dancing grannies. I don't remember 
the group's real name. It's made up of women between the
ages of 50 and 93.

 And here is the 93 year-old. Can you kick that high?

 Or, can you do the splits? Me either.

 And this is the number that gets me every time. The lights go
out and the kids sing "We Can Be a Light" while doing a
routine with flashlights. It's amazingly cool.

 In recent years, the audience has joined in using their 
cell phone lights. 

There you have it. I took a lot more pictures of some of my favorite numbers. But, I'll spare those of you who have found this post difficult to read (and, you know who you are). I'm proud to say it, "I love Hope of America" And, I've had the songs stuck in my head ever since.

It's totally cool. It's totally hot. I mean it's like right there at the top. America rocks! (Now those are some serious lyrics. Feel like singing along? Click here to download the song for free.)